Mentoring for startups

  Think BIG, execute smartly, achieve exponential growth.

We at Consult coach coterie as business start-up mentors support young, entrepreneurial or aspirational startup owners who have a concept or idea for a business by helping them make it a deliverable reality.

As business start-up mentors, with significantly higher levels of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, we have worked with young budding startup owners to successfully launch and operationalize their business ideas. We will help them write a business plan, go through their marketing strategy, help them set up a method of accounting and advertising, and finally, work with them with presenting their idea to venture capitalists who are looking to invest in exciting new business opportunities. 

We are already part of some of the premier incubation centers nationally.

As startup mentors we work with startup owners in fine tuning their Business Plan, Go to Market Strategy (GTM), pricing strategy and channel dimensioning. Our expertise lies in B2C acquisition, retention and moving customers up the value chain. We can also work with your team on business plan, proof of concept and channel strategy for companies which are starting their operation and on modification of business plan including sales cycle reduction and cost optimisation.

Our mentors had been consistent performers and achieved remarkable levels of success in their corporate career in India’s and world’s Top notch FMCD, FMCG & Telecom companies.

We are extremely confident that We can take your organization to the next level of high growth performance working with your team delivering from strategizing to field level execution, We would also ensure that the team is completely aligned to all the strategies which would be implemented flawlessly and seamlessly. 

Just write in to us at to take your company to a high growth phase on a sustained basis.