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Are you finding yourself stuck in business or career, talk to our ICF credentialed coaches...

Are you finding yourself
stuck in business?

Do you want to grow your business to much higher levels? Stuck in a career you don’t love, stuck in an unhelpful cycle of thoughts, stuck in the routine of life, stuck with not knowing what to do next?
This feeling of “What to do next” can leave you exhausted and demotivated. However, often this is a signal that you are at the cusp of a significant opportunity for change.
We have expert ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) coaches at Consult Coach Coterie who can be the persons you can turn to for the change as we have coaches with over 30 years of experience across varied domains in the corporate world. We have coaches who have held senior & CEO level positions in top notch companies in India and across the globe. Now as entrepreneurs, they are into business consultancy and mentoring of startup companies apart from being successful professional business coaches.


With the advantage of our coaches’ individual experiences of taking big, successful and diverse leaps in their career, they will be of great help to clients who are aspirational but are not able to execute their ideas. We work with the clients’ strengths and limiting beliefs to raise their awareness. With this awareness, we then get to the root of the issue and move into acting swiftly and methodically.


What we offer uniquely is the blend of corporate and entrepreneurial experience which would enable us to work with a wide spectrum of clients. We are very excited  to work with small business owners, senior, mid-level corporate executives, young professionals who would like to grow in their career.

We have ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with years of leadership experience and the expertise of coaching not only of Indians but also other clients across the globe complying with ICF coaching competencies.